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Leagues Explanation

Understanding the Leagues: CASA, NPL/GLA, GLC

Understanding the GLC (Great Lakes Conference), GLA (Great Lakes Alliance) League, NPL (National Premier League) and CASA (Cleveland Alliance Soccer Association)

Ohio Strikers United can play in up to 3 different leagues. GLC, NPL/GLA, CASA.

The NPL (National Premier League) is the governing body for the  GLA.   The NPL/GLA is the run by US Club and follows a similar format to the GLC regarding its promotion/relegation method.  Acceptance into the league isn't always guaranteed.  Because of the level of the NPL/GLA games only 1 game in played a day.  The NPL/GLA will also offer Crossover weekends at turf locations when the East teams (NY, PA) compete against the West teams (Ohio, IN).  The advantage of crossover weekends  reduces expenses as a result of possible overnight stay and travel.  Each game is competitive. There are 9 to 11 games in the NPL/GLA.  There are additional Crossover weekend games in the NPL/GLA.  The NPL/GLA offers Regional Play Dates for U-11 & U-12 ages


The GLC is run by Ohio North Youth Soccer Association and is an established and competitive league for teams U-13 and above. GLC games raise the competitive level. Teams get promoted when they win or relegated when they lose. Each region is allowed a certain number of club teams in the GLC.  Acceptance isn't always guaranteed.  Games are played over 4 or 6 weekends between March and June. Games can be Saturday only, Sunday only or Saturday/Sunday.   Weeknight games are also possible.  There are 7 to 8 GLC games in a season. Only 1 game is played on a given day.


The CASA League plays most of its games at the Lodi facility in Seville, OH.  Teams that play in the CASA league will play in the following divisions:  Premier (GLA/GLC teams), D-1 or D-2 against other club teams.   There are 26 clubs in the in the CASA league including clubs from  Erie, Pittsburgh, and Youngstown.  Barring any poor weather conditions, you will be invited to at least 6 games in the CASA league.  Please review the section on Fees.


For the NPL/GLA: This league consist of competitive clubs from the following regions:  Pittsburgh, PA, Erie PA, Western New York, and Ohio. In most instances, teams will meet at a neutral site and 1 game per day will be played. There are 6 to 8 weekends committed to the NPL/GLA beginning in August for teams not is high school and March for high school teams..  Games end in June.   Overnight stay is minimal in the NPL/GLA. Games will be played on primarily turf fields in OH, PA, NY, IN.  Teams and promoted and relegated depending on their overall league performance..  A tournament is offered for the teams that qualify.    The structure of playing time and substitution in the GLA is less liberal.   You are encouraged to carpool and share accommodations when a teammate is in need.  There is an additional cost if you accept an offer to participate in this league.  Please review the section on Fees.


For the GLC:  Our region can consist of clubs from the following states: Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, South Dakota. In almost all instances teams meet at a neutral site. The neutral locations are typically, Indiana, Cincinnati area or Columbus or Cleveland. 80% of the teams are from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan. The location you play depends on the teams in your division.  The structure of playing time and substitution in the GLA is less liberal.  There is an additional cost if you accept an offer to participate in this league.  Please review the section on Fees.


For the CASA League: There is no additional cost to play in the CASA league regardless of the division that you play. The CASA league is an option for most players regardless of their primary league.  The CASA league provides additional games to the GLC and NPL/GLA rostered players, and serves as the primary league for most teams.  The CASA league offers 3 levels of competition from Premier to Division 2.

Additional NPL/GLA & GLC Cost: Players will be invited to play either NPL/GLA, GLC, or CASA (Lodi League). Because of the additional expenses associated with playing in the NPL/GLA and GLC, players who are invited to the NPL/GLA or MRL rosters will pay an additional $100 once they accept a spot.    There is no additional league cost to play in the CASA league. For instance, a player on the NPL/GLA or GLC roster can also be invited to play in the CASA league games for no additional fee. 

NPL/GLA and/or GLC Teams:  Past or Current

  • Girls U-13 to U19
  • Boys U-13 to U19

The NPL/GLA or MRL rosters will not include all of the players in the birth years.  U11 & U-12  Play Dates  are also offered to boys and girls NPL/GLA participants for regional play

CASA Teams: Our club has registered the following CASA teams to play in Seville, OH

  • Girls:   U-9 to U-19
  • Boys:   U-9 to U-19

The rosters for the teams ages above can consist of all players in the club.

GLA & GLC increases the commitment of resources for families. It's a necessary step for exposure to the next level. CASA, GLA and GLC, each provide an avenue for a player to grow and develop their current skill level. The GLC follows FIFA substitution rules. When a player leaves the game in one half, they are not allowed to reenter in the same half. CASA and GLA allow unlimited substitution and reentry.  Some GLA ages do not allow unlimited substitution.

PLEASE read the links under "About Us".  These sections detail cost and briefly talks about college showcases and lots more

I hope this helps you understand more about the CASA, NPL, GLA, and GLC