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High School FAQs


Q:  Are there still open spots for Spring 2023


Q:  Do all players in 8th grade have to participate in high school tryouts?

- Some do!  If you are a trapped player in 8th grade, YES, you will still need to try out in November.   We must evaluate YOU together with the other players in your birth year who are currently in high school.  

Q:  When & Where will high school tryouts be held?

- High school tryouts occur in November.  You'll have an opportunity to pre-register for tryouts.  High School tryout details are typically on our website by September 15.

Q:  Do I need to register before attending tryouts?

- YES.  We urge you to register before attending tryouts.   Registering allows us to better prepare for your arrival.  Registering makes the process flow more smoothly.  Tryout details will always include a link to pre-register.


Q:  I am interested in Ohio Strikers United, however I have a conflict on the day of tryouts.  What should I do?

- Contact our Club Director, Ian Holford, at least 1 week before the tryout for alternate options.  We strongly suggest you try to make your date work.  (Ian @:  330-202-2255


Q:  Do I need to tryout in November if I plan to play in Spring?

- Yes.  Teams will be formed in November and offers will be made after tryouts for the Winter and Spring seasons.  We will continue to recruit and add players after tryouts until Spring.  Players will be added until the roster is complete.  


Q:  I play another sport.  Can I still play club soccer with Ohio Strikers United?

- Yes.  We understand that some players may be multi-sport athletes in the Winter and/or Spring.  However, for the time with the club to be beneficial to you and your teammates, please try to attend at least 75% - 80% of your practices.


Q:  How long after tryouts will I know the results?

We will contact you about 3 to 5 days after the tryout.  You will be given a few days to respond and pay your non-refundable deposit to secure your spot.  Your deposit is deducted from your overall fees.


Q:  What is the cost of Ohio Strikers United?

All possible costs are explained in detail on our website HEREWe encourage you to read the links under "About Us".  In certain instances, we can also offer payment options, but you must contact Billing and request options by emailing them at: 


Q:  Do I need to pay before tryouts or to participate in tryouts?

Tryouts are free!  You will not have any fees to pay until you are offered a spot.  Your first fee is your non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.  This deposit is deducted from your overall club fee.  Details on all club fees are HERE. 


Q:  If I don't play indoor in Winter can I still play outdoor in Spring?

Yes.  However, each case is different, and it would depend on the roster size, openings on the roster, and the league in which the team plays.  We encourage you during the Winter to at least train 1 day a week with the club so that you remain competitive and bond with your club teammates and the coaching staff.  There is a lot of growth that happens during the Winter.


Q:  What are my options if I choose not to accept or I am not selected to participate?

We understand that not everyone will accept a spot once invited.  Players who decline or some who are not selected may have the opportunity to join our Train Only program.  You will train with a team similar to your current skill level.


Q:  Who is my coach?  Will I only have 1 coach?

High school teams will have 1 primary coach at practices and games.  Coaches will be assigned to their Spring teams in February.  During the Winter, players will have the benefit of being trained by several OSU coaches, including their outdoor coach.


Q:  What day and time are practices, and what is the location?

Practices in the Winter and Spring will mainly be held on Monday through Thursday, with possibly no more than 3 Friday practices.  In the Winter, practices are typically 1 day a week and start at 6:00 or 7:30 p.m. for 75 minutes.  We also offer additional technical and advanced programs with guest coaches to those who are signed up in the Winter program.

Spring practices typically start at 6 or 6:15 p.m. for 90 minutes.    The exact Spring practice day will not be known until mid-March.  All Spring practices are held at the Wooster Soccer Complex:  100 Oldman Road, Wooster.  Winter practices are held at the Wooster High School at the Gault (515 Oldman Road, Wooster).


Q:  When will the games be played in Winter and Spring?

Until we receive the final schedule from the various leagues in which we play, this is the best response we can provide.....

In Winter:  Games on a Saturday can start anytime from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Sunday games can start at the same time but during the winter typically end earlier than 5:30 p.m.  Players who are invited to play in the Geneva Winter league can have start times between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday or Sunday.  Typically, there are no weeknight Winter games.

In Spring:  Games are typically played on the weekend.  We generally try to schedule high school league Spring games in the afternoon and late evening, or Sundays, to avoid conflicts with school sporting events.  Sunday league games can begin as early at 9:00 a.m. but we do make every effort not to schedule prior to 11:30 a.m.  However, there are times when field and opponent availability dictate our start times. 


Q:  Where will the Fall/Spring outdoor games be played?

The location you play is dependent on the league in which you are invited to participate.  Players in the CASA League will play some or all of their games in Lodi (Seville, OH).  Players on a regional team will play games in Pittsburgh, Erie, Akron/Canton area, Southern Ohio, Western NY, Indiana.  If you cannot participate in an event because of travel distance, please give us the opportunity to help with transportation by informing your team manager.


Q:  Will I have to buy a uniform if I am a senior and playing for 1 season?

If you are a new senior to the Club, you will at least need to buy both jerseys.  The Club will work with seniors who are only playing one season to reduce the cost of a full uniform. 

Q:  How many tournaments do you offer?

We offer up to 2 tournaments.   The number you attend depends on the team on which you play and the league in which you play.  In most instances, a player will receive at least 1 tournament invitation.


Q:  Do you offer higher level leagues or regional leagues such as GLA, GLC, NPL?

Yes we do.  We encourage you to read and Understand the LeaguesThese leagues are by invitation and there is an additional fee to participate.  Players not in a regional league will play primarily in Lodi, and some players will play both in a regional league and also in Lodi.


Q:  Do you offer higher level events such as Showcases and State Cup?

Yes we do.  We attend Showcases and State Cup either as Ohio Strikers United, or we sometimes merge with affiliate clubs.  We also highly encourage ID Camps for those players seeking additional college exposure.  Not all players in an age group can be on the roster for State Cup or Showcases.


Q:  When does Winter/Spring season begin?

Winter games can begin as early as mid November.  Spring games can start around late February or early March  for some teams playing in regional leagues.  Teams not in a regional league will start games around the second weekend of April.


Q:  My friend and I are different birth years and we would like to play together because it helps with carpooling.  Can we play on the same team?

It seldom happens at OSU because we typically have enough players in each age group to form a team.  At times, merging ages could happen for a shortage at a game or an event.   We understand the importance of carpooling and it is also encouraged.  Since the majority of the club players travel a minimum of 45 minutes to practice,  we try to help families by overlapping the high school age at least 1  night per week at practice. 


Q:  Please describe the travel involved.

Some teams will play all of their games in Lodi.  Some teams will play games in Pittsburgh, Erie, Akron/Canton area, Southern Ohio, Buffalo area, or Indiana.  There can be a showcase in Indiana or Cincinnati area.  Tournaments can be local, Southern Ohio, or 1 state away.  It you cannot attend an event because of travel distance, please give us the opportunity to help with transportation by informing your team manager.  Showcase and tournament events are by invitation and are optional.  A player may decline an invitation to a regional team and opt to play in Lodi only when travel is a concern.  Players in leagues that travel to play their games are invited to the rosters by our Club Director, Ian Holford.


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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Ohio Strikers United and support youth in your area.